Meet The Creators

Kelsey Feng

IMG_0390.jpg As a child of immigrants, Kelsey is a first generation American. She was born in New Jersey, but has moved around frequently due to her mom’s career. Kelsey is currently a full-time student in Orlando, FL majoring in political science and minoring in diversity and social inequality. As a woman of color within the LGBT+ community, she is inspired to fight for social, economic, and racial justice, mainly topics that focus on the abuses of power that lead to a lack of basic human rights. In her free time, she binges Netflix, reads fanfiction, and enjoys aesthetically pleasing food.

Recommended follow for fans of: Game of Thrones, Jessica Jones, Orange is the New Black, Doctor Who, Supernatural, Halsey, Finding Nemo, Twenty One Pilots, Troye Sivan, Milk and Honey, Ed Sheeran, Perks of Being a Wallflower, Kinky Boots, and The Infernal Devices

Tia Smith


Originally from Miami, Florida, Tia began her days as a fanfiction writer, TV enthusiast, and amateur theatre performer. She is now a full-time college student in Orlando majoring in Radio and Television Production and Creative Writing. Living as a biracial, pan-ace, dog owner by day, she spends her nights reading and writing, on the hunt to find a world much larger than her own.

Recommended follow for fans of: The Shadowhunters Chronicles, The Raven Cycle, Doctor Who, Once Upon a Time, Challenge Deep, Vampire Academy, Marvel, DC, Supernatural, Charmed, Harry Potter, Spring Awakening, RENT, Anime, Edgar Allan Poe, Fairytales or Disney.

Tia Little

IMG_0457.jpg Born in Pensacola, Florida to two parents, Tia has moved on to greener pastures, relocating to Orlando and attending college as a Biology major. She spends her days sleeping, reading, making bad puns, and napping. Known for tripping over her words and speaking more in movie quotes than original thoughts, Tia makes her home in the darkness of her room, the only light provided by her computer screen and TV. She used to be more.

Recommended follow for fans of: Marvel, Disney, Merlin, Supernatural, Hannibal, Shadowhunters, The Raven Cycle, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Kpop, Anime, Game of Thrones, The Chronicles of Riddick, Mythology, Sherlock, Carry On, Star Trek, Star Wars, and cats.

Special thanks to Catie Matteson for donating!