Book Buyback Program

If you have any books collecting dust on your shelves that you think the Three Little Books community would love, sell them to us!

To sell your books to us, fill out this form:


Buyback Program Tips:

  • If you have more books to sell than there are spaces provided, please fill out and submit this forms as many times as are necessary to provide us with information on all of your books.
  • Keep in mind, people are going to buy these books, so if your book is not in a condition that you would purchase, please don’t try to sell it to someone else.
  • Not sure where your book falls? No worries! Fill out the form to the best of your ability, and we’ll deal with any discrepancies when we contact you about your book!
  • Whether we are accepting the Titles you provided or not, we’ll contact you within a week (7 days!) about your book. If we are accepting your Title, please be prepared to provide pictures (to assess the quality of your book) so we can provide you an estimate.
  • Submitting a form is by no means a binding contract and does not guarantee that we will make you an offer or guarantee that you will have to accept any offer we make. You have every right to choose to keep your book up until the completion of the buyback transaction.
  • If you have any questions, send us an email at

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