Update Thursday, September 29th

So we recently changed the way we sell books, and I wanted to give you all a little insight as to why. People are talking diversity a lot recently, and it’s always great to see the conversation flowing, but sometimes I think people just want to talk. They don’t really want to see a change. They don’t really want to fight for good representation.

The new model of Three Little Books Co. is about fighting for that representation. Already, as avid readers, we’ve taken strides to read more books by and about marginalized people, but one thing we’ve noticed is that it’s not always easy. Even once we find books featuring LGBT+, POC, or disabled characters, we find they often have poor representation. It’s great to see more black characters, but what about happy black characters? Black characters who find love? Black characters who are proud of the way they look? What about LGBT+ characters in healthy relationships? LGBT+ characters with supportive parents? LGBT+ characters who actually find happiness?

So often, we’ve found lists of books containing “representation” only to find ourselves heartbroken, triggered, and just straight up outraged by the representation we’ve been given. I don’t want another gay love story where my favorite characters die. I don’t want another book boasting “representation” in which every POC is half-white and a side-lined character to boot. I want versatile, happy, and successful diverse characters who portray what diverse people are really like, our true struggles, our true passions, and everything we’re capable of.

That’s something that we as a company have decided to work towards. All books featured on our site have been pre-screened for good representation. All of our inclusive books include a description of just what makes them inclusive and triggers we want you to be prepared for. We want you to find reads that you can relate to, reads that make you happy, and reads that make you optimistic about the future of representation because representation is the future, and it’s got to start somewhere.

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