“A Falling Starr: The Complete Trilogy” Book Review

Author: Dani Hoots

Publisher: Self-Published

Synopsis: One year ago, I lost all my memories. Who I was, where I was from, all of it was gone. I tried to live past it, looking only to the future, but the darkness that was my past still haunted me. Angela Starr had no memory of who she was after that accident one year ago and it wasn’t until a man from clear across the galaxy came, saved her life, and took her to this strange new world did she feel that she finally belonged. But the question still remained, who was she? Why did he risk his life for her? And more importantly, why were people trying to kill her? With no one wanting to answer her questions, Angel Starr must face the truth and force herself to get her memories back, or all could be lost. This is a collection of all three novellas of A Falling Starr Trilogy: Forgotten, Found, Free.

Overall Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️

Trigger Warnings: Memory Loss, Betrayal


  • Realistic beginning
  • Enjoyed the main protagonist
  • Generic storyline, but still surprising


  • A little predictable
  • Some editing mistakes
  • Repetitive

In-Depth Review:

*Warning: May contain spoilers.

I’ll be honest this was the first self-published book or rather books, I’ve ever read. I’ll admit I was one of those people who believed the stereotype that falls with self-published books.  After reading the Falling Starr Trilogy, I’m definitely down to read more.

To be completely honest, the story line is generic and somewhat predictable, but it did surprise me a few times. I think it was a good mix of both so it evened out in the end. Some things I did enjoy that was pleasantly surprising was the main protagonist. I’m usually not too fond of them, but I did enjoy Angela. As with any young adult novel, there’s romance. The romance was not overwhelming, it was more in the background.

My favorite part of the trilogy was Forgotten, the first novella. Forgotten has a very realistic set-up, you can immediately tell the author did some research before writing this book. I really enjoyed it. I think it’s because most young adult books lack a sense of truth to it.

Final Verdict: I’d recommend it

A Falling Starr: The Complete Trilogy is currently available on Amazon!


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