Book Rental Program

(A Little Book Club Exclusive Offer)

Our book rental program consists of free access to any of our rental books, all you have to pay for is shipping. Simply go to our shop, choose the book you want, enter your rental code, and pay the standard shipping rate. Return your book or extend your rental by the end of the month to avoid a late fee.


Rules for Book Rental Program:

  • All books are to be returned in the same condition that they were lent out. We keep pictures of all of our books, so we are aware of the rental condition. Books are not to be dog-eared, written in, highlighted, torn, or in any other way damaged. Books that are returned in damaged condition will result in a fine equal to 50% of the original book price.
  • If a renter would like to keep a rental book, please contact us by email to have a sale arranged. Purchases of rental books will cost 50% of the original book price.
  • Any books returned to us containing slurs of any kind will incur a fine of 100% of the original book price. It costs you nothing to be a decent person.
  • There is a limit of three books per rental order.

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