The social network 2.0

That helps you
Decide !

"Bee The Move"
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Bee The Move is THE social network that allows you to easily solicit your community to get their opinions and preferences.
For this, each of the publications have avoting cursor, allowing your community to share their preferences or opinions.
And a timer allowing you to indicate the desired voting time according to the urgency of your request.

Bee The Move is also:

An event creator
Bee With Me

Because the aim is to animate your community and create commitment!

Bee The Move allows you to create events, each with a news feed that is entirely dedicated to it, to which you can invite users of your choice. These events can be either "Solo" or "Group". In its "Solo" form, you are the only user to be able to publish. While in its "Group" form, you can also choose other users (the "Participants") who can then also publish.

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Ephemeral or permanent publications

Because the aim is to master!

Beyond being able to choose precisely the users who can have access to your publications thanks to the choice of the circle of publication, you can also choose the duration of visibility of each one of them. Thus, all your publications can be, at choice, permanent oe ephemeral. If you choose to make a permanent publication, it will remain visible and accessible on your profile without time limit.

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A scheduler for publications:

Because the aim is to facilitate!

Bee The Move also allows you to schedule your publications for a delayed upload !
Then choose the day and time you want to put your publications online....
and let Bee The Move do the rest.

A broadcasting platform

Because the aim is to make it known!

Bee The Move allows you to broadcast, simultaneously or not, your publications and invitations to events on your other social media!
By offering you the possibility to broadcast on the social networks of your choice, Bee The Move allows you to increase the impact of each of your publications and your events by ensuring a wide distribution and reaching simultaneously your different communities.

Bee The Move